The Gauge: 825 Bourke Street, Victoria Harbour. Docklands

The Gauge is a six level office building developed in 2008 by Bovis Lend Lease through Lend Lease’s architects and BVN.

Architecturally the building is dictated by green design principles. The building extends lengthways down Merchant Street. The exterior is modern, curtain wall glass with metal shadesd. The most and features a large shade structure with a yellow coloured edge originating on the eastern side and cantilevering to the west over the top. This structure shields an internal atrium which runs up the east side of the building.

It was opened in August 2009 by John Lenders.1

The Gauge: 825 Bourke Street, Victoria Harbour. Docklands

Fujitsi became the building’s first major tenant in 2008, along with office for Lend Lease.23

Hecker Phelan Guthrie and WHO were responsible for the design of the interior spaces.4

The Gauge won the 2009 Built Environment Award for Sustainability.5as well as Vicurban’s ESD Award for Excellence and the Charter Keck Cramer Property
Development Award.1


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